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Sometimes it takes a long time for the marks to come out right.

A week with a broken msp19u pen. If it isnt anything worse.

Posts have mostly been happening at this blog these days-

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Deep in the Niyamgiri Hills in Orissa, the Dongria Kondh tribe have been fighting a decade-long battle against London-based mining company Vedanta, who have turned these jungles into a battleground. The Dongria Kondh worship the Niyam Dongar hill under which lies two billion dollars worth of bauxite and a fat share that will be pocketed by the Indian government. 

Over the next few weeks, Vedanta’s fate will be decided by the Dongria Kondh at gram sabhas held at 12 out of over 130 villages that will be affected if the mining goes ahead. “The government has never given us medicines, schools or roads and now Vedanta will do that for us? They can go back to London and mine there. We will not give up Niyamgiri”, said Gajendra Gaud at the Tadijhula village gram sabha held two days ago.

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The universe got shitty so i learnt how to make gifs

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The universe got shitty so i learnt how to make gifs

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Swallow III

Typewriter parts


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Moar zombies  #sketchbook 

#AAC sticker debuts in bumbay!

Do I love my yiynova or do I love my yiynova? I can’t decide. @blaftness illos in progress

Yay! My #yiynova!

#Oils and instagram. Found some turpentine. I’m back to spamming with #studies and #sketchbook bits. And stuff and so on. And too much birds happen. Much too manies.


My cover for The New Yorker’s Journeys issue

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That it was a haystack the catalogue informed me. I could not recognize it. This non-recognition was painful to me. I considered that the painter had no right to paint indistinctly. I dully felt that the object of the painting was missing. And I noticed with surprise and confusion that the picture not only gripped me, but impressed itself ineradicably on my memory. Painting took on a fairy-tale power and splendour.

— Wassily Kandinsky on Monet’s Haystacks